SMS Prankster (Spoofer) – Android Application


Download Application:
SMS Prankster is an application which allows you to send SMS Message from any Number/Text to any Number. For Example from text “Police” , “FBI” or any number worldwide to any number you wish to.

How to Use this Application?
– First you need to create account, with provided email and password. (Preferably Gmail).
– Next you need to verify your email by visiting the link located in the message you automatically get on your email.
– After you verify your account, I will approve it.
– And you are good to go! Done! You can start sending messages.

Are there some Country Carriers Restrictions?
– Well it depends from what Country you are coming from. There are certain Phone Carriers who filter those messages of yours when you try to spoof SMS from specified number. You can contact me to find out if your country carriers possess those filters.

How to get more coins?
When you log in into your account, click ‘Get More Coins’ and contact me directly with the specified number of coins you want to buy, and the country you are coming from.

How much is one coin?
*Silver Package
1 COIN = 0.2e

*Gold Package
1 COIN = 0.15e (If you order more then 200 Coins)

*Platinum Package
1 COIN = 0.1e (If you order more then 500 Coins)


Can I share my account with someone else?

Application Price

Payment Methods
* PayPal
* Payoneer
* Payza
* Bitcoin


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